Ghost Recon: Wildlands

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I have been a fan of Ghost Recon for years and this game is everything a fan could ask for. So let us jump right in and begin with the player customization. Right from the beginning they give you so many options for creating your own special operations team leader. They skimmed a little on the physical portions like hair styles and height/weight but they more than made up for it with their clothing. In the end your character will look like a special forces bad-ass-mother-fucker here to tactically kill everyone.

Wildlands is held in the South American country of Bolivia and since I have never been there I can not compare the game to the country. I am very impressed with how the graphics are very much up to date and on the borderline of stunningly beautiful. The map itself is quite large, however; the game designers added in a few places you can fast travel to in each region.  If all else fails… steal a helicopter! The GPS for driving and overall navigation works very well. The vehicles took a few minutes to get used to but the controls are nearly identical to nearly every other game.

Weapon customization is very clean and well thought out. You have to collect new weapons and modifications by exploring areas to collect them. This is made easier by interrogating important cartel members because they will mark them for you on your map. They added in options to change the color of your weapons which give you even more ways to create your own unique Ghost.

Normally, NPC allies are obnoxious and get in the way more than they actually help. This is NOT the case here! Your team can be given orders and are very careful not to be found, until you give the command to fire or if you are spotted. They also can be given orders to shoot silenced weapons at the same time as your character, which is a great way to take out small groups of enemies without alerting the rest.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands has a good feel and is a neat spin on the open world RPG games. I am giving it a 8/10. It is truly a must buy for those gamers out there who enjoy shooters.