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Where to start for the great addition to the Elder Scrolls franchise? It has won so many PC and console awards; including the Gamesmaster Golden Joystick Award, Test of Time Steam Award, RPG of the year for IGN, and countless more. I know I am considerably late in writing this review by almost half a decade but the fact that it still has the player base speaks volumes.

I have always been a huge fan of Bethesdas games and they have really been busy these last few years with the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. Let’s get back to the main topic of this article: what makes skyrim worthy of all these awards and praise?

First there are the hundreds of hours of game play. I myself have played many hours on multiple different characters and still I haven’t completed everything there is to do and see. The characters seem very flat but that is just something I have noticed with nearly all open world role playing games. Also the quests are very entertaining. The different factions (Thieves Guild,  Companions, Dark Brotherhood, and College of Winterhold) have unique quests and even the side quests have variety.

The replay-ability of this game is astounding with so many different combinations of perks to create new customized classes for your characters. You can be a two hand sword wielding berserker, a sly sneaky bowman, a swordsman with a love of destruction spells, a mage with all the powers of the arcane, or anything between.

Skyrim also has a sturdy dependable crafting system. The three main crafting perks in the game are smithing, alchemy, and enchanting. What is a good RPG without its ability to craft your own armor and weapons? It is no different here with Skyrim. Alchemy is personally my least favorite crafting perk tree however it does have it’s uses. Coating you weapons in poison or buffing yourself during a fight can be exactly what is needed to turn the tide. That leaves us with the enchanting perk which is extremely useful. The materials used to create enchantments are the souls of your defeated enemies and that is the most metal thing ever.

With the new release of the enhanced edition of Skyrim Bethesda released a tool in game where you can download mods created by other code savvy players. It turns off the achievements on your console or game platform however it can add new ways to enjoy the game or just to mess around because in the end having fun is what gaming is about.